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April 2014
Finally, Raw Nasty Fuckers goes live!

From the creators of insantly popular Black Breeders comes the buttnastiest interracial fuckfest to hit the streets in a long time. Entirely new and exclusive content! Get a quick preview and peek here prior to launch .

February 2014
New! Raw Joxxx hits the streets!

From producer Tyler Reed, a new membership site featuring raw, real, beefy jocks doing what they do best... .

August 2012
New! The Darkroom

Feed your inner pig! Get unlimited access to exclusive hardcore fisting, buttplay and raunchy bareback fucking! Slide on over to "Darkroom," at . The site features up to two weekly exclusive content updates.

September 2011
New! Raw and Rough

Now here's a site you should be extremely excited about. It's called "Raw and Rough." You can surf to it at . Produced by the legendary fetishists at Dick Wadd, we believe it to be the best membership site in its genre; piggy man-on-man sex, featuring pissing, assplay and bareback sex. There is an emphasis on sex in this site, to broaden the market beyond that of just fisting or watersports; the harder fetishes are mixed in to set the mood. The site features weekly exclusive content updates.

August 2011
New! Bear Boxxx

Bear Boxxx is pumped full of the hottest bear and chub movies from top quality bear producers that will make you growl... Many more coming and many are only found on Bear Boxxx! Always up-to-date with the latest releases!

Bear Boxxx has been converting very well in expected and unexpected places. Don't underestimate your fine furry friends and their desire for likeminded porn!

July 2011
<IFRAME> Gadgets for Affiliates

We've created a few gadgets because you asked for 'em. We've got simple ad rotators that you can drop into an iframe on your site and randomly rotated ads. We can even track the different ads by campaign to see which convert better. Rentboy is using one of our ad rotators. Just ask if you'd like to try an ad rotator.

We already have <OBJECT> HTML code to embed Flowplayer to play our previews. But, some web-based blogging software is persnickity and won't render the embedded clips. To get around this limitation, we've got simple iframe code that you can drop in to present the preview clips... basically, you just pass in the video_id in a query_string parameter and you're good to go. You'll see, its simple. Just ask if you'd like to use the iframe preview code.

May 2011
Full StatsRemote Integration Complete

StatsRemote has always had support for PPVNetworks. However, in January they added support for PPVNetworks 2.0, our new platform. In May, however, our cooperative efforts with SR took a giant leap... StatsRemote now supports ability to breakdown by site. So, similar to how it works for CCbill, one SR account for PPVNetworks 2.0 will automatically work for any PPVNetworks 2.0 site you promote. If you start promoting a new site, it'll automatically appear in your SR reports.

Job well done, StatsRemote. And a self-pat on the back to PPVNetworks who exposed a special API just for SR. We highly recommend SR to webmasters who promote multiple programs. They can be found here: StatsRemote.

May 2011
Migrated to PPV2.0 platform: Butch Bear TV

The new Butch Bear TV,, is an all new site which was just migrated from our old platform to PPVNetworks 2.0, our new and radically improved platform! Based on a modernized version of our legacy billing model, users can purchase movies a la carte, or upgrade to a premium membership providing additional benefits like Forever Rentals, a personal library, rental discounts and a free movie each month. Note: the legacy model is just one of many billing models we offer to customers on our sites; other models include membership, pay-per-minute and plan-based minutes sites.

Its pumped full of the absolute hottest Butch Bear, Bear Video and Classic Bear movies from your favorite bear conglomerate... Bear Omnimedia. Always up-to-date with the latest releases to keep you from hibernating!

April 2011
Tools for Tube Sites!

In an effort to facilitate a regular flow of content for tube sites, PPVNetworks has completed its "Jumbotron" project. The Jumbotron can be configured for a tube site affiliate with any number of sites to promote, a quanity of clips per day, length of clips, and FTP access credentials. Then, automagically, clips are generated for the tubes, along with associated meta data in text files. PPVNetworks can work with tubes to either "manually" upload content to via their web interfaces or, more desirably, integrate with their APIs to automate the entire process. Nothing hums and makes money for everyone like a good dose of automation.

Tubes using the Jumbotron include GayTube, Xtube, and QueerPixels. Email for more details on getting your tube hotwired.

February 2011
New site for, mmmm, our movie: LA Zombie

"Zombies and porn. What a beautiful combination." - Bruce La Bruce. LA Zombie is a spectacular star-studded landmark gay porn with a star-studded cast including Francois Sagat, Matthew Rush, Rocco Giovanni, Francesco DMacho, Eddie Diaz, Erik Rhodes and many more! Check it out here now!

PPVNetworks was a producer of LA Zombie, in cooperation with other adult industry staples Dark Alley Media and Wurstfilm.

LA Zombie's VOD site is an example of a one-time lifetime subscription membership site. For $29, the user gets lifetime access to the content. While this isn't the best model to maximize returns on marketing, its a good fit for a site featuring a small set of content and an audience with a voracious appetite for it.

December 2010
New Site! Dark Alley VOD

Dark Alley VOD,, is the official VOD site of Dark Alley Media. Spearheaded by producers Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg, DAM has always focused on the grittier underground of gay sexuality and is one of the top producers of bareback and fisting movies.

Dark Alley VOD is one of two projects that we've done where we integrated their VOD with their storefront. A unified tabular menu spans both the store and VOD areas of the site. In the case of Dark Alley, they managed the development of their store but worked cooperatively with us on the integration.

November 2010
New Site! Dickwadd-On-Demand

Dickwadd-On-Demand,, is your official source for all on-demand Dick Wadd movies and exclusive content, straight for the source. Featuring Dick Wadd classics and new releases, piggy fisting, pissing and bareback! If it isn't Dick Wadd, its Vanilla! The site also features select pig content from other top producers.

Dickwadd-On-Demand is one of two projects that we've done where we integrated their VOD with their storefront. A unified tabular menu spans both the store and VOD areas of the site. In the case of Dick Wadd, we actually helped manage the development of their new storefront.

September 2010
New Site! Black Breeders

Black Breeders,, is the premiere spot for butt nasty, cum drenched, bareback Bruthasex and all of our flixxx are 100% exclusive and 1000% raw! Our original clips feature everyone from hardcore hoodsters to rough leather Daddies to the kats next door getting into what they love most- HOT, HEAVY RAW BLACK FUCKING! And with at least two new BlackBreeders clips (and at least one FUNK Vault clip) added every week your dick will be on hard every time you sign in!

BBREED is a membership site and has been growing steadily for nearly a year and is a top performer with such affiliates as Adam4Adam, Gaytube and Rawtop. Conversions of 1:50 for blogs, especially black genre sites, are common!

August 2010
New site! Raw Fuck Club

Raw Fuck Club,, is an edgy new member site from the "always outrageous" Directors' at Dark Alley Media. Raw Fuck Club offers loads of ejaculation-inducing scenes, served fresh and raw daily. Tons of scenes, featuring guys in real, hot, unstaged raw sex acts, are exclusive to RFC. New content added weekly!

RFC is a membership site has been growing steadily for nearly a year and is a top performer with such affiliates as Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Rentboy, Gaytube and Rawtop. Conversions of 1:50 for blogs are common! And with payouts of up to $35 persignup, get with the program... the affiliate program, that is!

August 2010
New site! Bareback Box

Bareback Box,, is an all new site with a great concept for gay adult entertainment! Its pumped full of the absolute hottest bareback movies from your favorite top studios, and from smaller edgy producers you can only find here. As low as $9.95 per month! Always up-to-date with the latest releases, in most cases before other sites!

BBB is a great additional to your diversified portfolio of affiliate sites to promote. It's unique low-priced monthly plans are extremely sticky... in more ways than one!

July 2010
New Site! Treasure Island Media TV

Treasure Island Media is known the world over as a leader in sleazy bareback porn. Director Paul Morris is always stirring the pot with controversial new sleaze. Surely you've heard of Dawon's 20 Load Weekend?

TIMTV was our first site utilizaing our monthly-plan per-minute revenue model. Users can signup for as low as $9.95 per month and get 100 minutes. This hybrid model was designed to compete with the likes of VideoBox, before they got overly complicated, yet allow studios to be fairly compensated in multi-producer venues. Also, unlike AEBN, studios are paid a revenue-share as opposed to per-minute, which is more fair.

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